Don’t sweat it- How to beat perspiration?

The human body has a complex mechanism indeed. It has its own way to chill and beat the heat by triggering the eccrine glands to produce sweat. Sweat keeps your skin looking its best, and helps you flaunt a healthy glow. It keeps your body free from diseases by fending off foreign materials, some of which are really harmful and toxic.

Sweating can sometimes however, aggravate eczema or even lead to an acne attack. It can also be embarrassing sometimes, especially when it emits body odor. It causes discomfort, especially when you sweat excessively.
Sweat: The friend or foe?

Sweating is normal and natural. It is the body’s natural reaction during stressful situations, exercise or heat. It can however become quite irritating and comfortable. The hot weather plays with the clever conniving sweat glands to ruin your makeup and fancy apparel, thereby making you look like a ninja! With so many issues related to sweat, it sometimes gets quite difficult to understand whether sweat is more of a friend or a cleverly conniving foe.

Sweating is indeed a faithful friend when it works to regulate your body temperature, keeps you free from diseases and makes your skin look great. It can however be very unpleasant when it goes out of your hand to become excessive. If you’ve been victimized with the tormenting ways of excessive sweat, read along to know how not to sweat it and beat excessive perspiration:


1.      Watch your weight:

Watch your weight

If you weigh a few pounds extra, you are likely to face the problems with excessive sweat. Sweat glands can be hyperactive when you’re overweight, so make sure you watch your weight. Exercise harder (never mind the sweat then) and watch your diet.

2.      Watch what you eat:

Eating habits

Your diet has a huge role to play in the way your body functions. Some things to watch out about your dietary habits have been discussed below:


  •  If you’re sipping too many caffeinated beverages, you are likely to suffer from excessive sweating. Limit your caffeine intake to combat excessive sweat issues.
  • Avoid intake of processed foods containing synthetic elements. Switch to natural, unprocessed items like fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Replace caffeinated and aerated beverages in your diet with hot green tea. Though you may feel hot initially, hot green tea has a cooling effect on your body, once it hits your stomach. It also helps in removing toxins from your body, and hence keeps you cool and sweat-free.
  • Drink plenty of water, and avoid ice-cold beverages. Drinking very cold beverages will only increase your body temperature and make you sweat more.
  • You must also avoid intake of alcohol, as alcohol consumption causes dilation of blood vessels, increases blood flow and rate of heartbeat. This leads to production of more sweat.
  • Avoid spicy foods, as these aggravate your sweat glands due to increased body temperature.

3.      Work on hygiene and use antiperspirants:


Work on hygiene and use antiperspirants

You must invest on good deodorants and antiperspirants. Apply baby powder or baking soda for your underarms to help in absorption of excess sweat and odor. Avoid harsh soaps and choose a good quality anti-bacterial soap for bathing. This will check body odor and keep your perspiration controlled. You should also trim body hair, and go for hair removing methods on a regular basis. This will check your perspiration, and help you remain clean and dry.


4.      Improve lifestyle:

Improve lifestyle

You need to improve your lifestyle, by kicking away bad habits like smoking and binge drinking. Avoid overexerting yourself and relax. Get your 8 hours of sleep each day, and remain calm. You can also consider swimming regularly to help your body remain cool and fresh at all times. Use natural products for the skin infections.


In case your sweat goes out of hand, consider visiting a doctor. This is because most of the times, excessive sweating is indicative of medical conditions. Deal with sweat, and don’t let it rule your life.