Fight Skin Problems Naturally

Summer is just in. It’s time for your skin to get all sweaty, itchy, and irritable. This gradually makes it dull and prone to various skin rashes and infections.

Summer comes along with many skin problems namely sun damage, prickly heat/eczema, bug bites, breakouts, spots, dehydration, rashes and infections. And for people who are into games, sports or athletics the consequences are even worse.

So to begin with, here are some useful tips to fight off summer side effects:

  • Most importantly, drink as much water as you can, at least 8-10 glasses a day. It flushes the system out of toxins .It’s the key to fresh, glowing skin.
  • Take a proper low fat, less fried diet. Fresh juices, fruits, buttermilk would be icing on the cake.
  • Never go out in harsh sun without applying a good SPF sunscreen and an umbrella or cotton cloth to cover your exposed body parts.
  • Include salads and soups in your diet plan, regular exercise has superb results.
  • Ensure that you do not stress yourself out too much and take adequate rest and sleep.
  • Always use a light moisturizer on your face and body, don’t ever go without moisturizing.
  • In late twenties start using anti-ageing and anti-oxidant lotion for your skin.
  • Use rose water to wipe your face when feel sweaty.

Let’s head on to some homemade skin remedies useful to fight skin infections and other skin problems.

  • Apricot papaya face scrub: Exfoliates and tones your skinApricot papaya face scrub

Ingredients: 1 tsp apricot kernel powder, 3 tbs apricot pulp, 3 tbs ripe papaya pulp. Mix all the ingredients well, apply to face and neck. Keep for half an hour and scrub     well while rinsing off. Apricot particles clarifies skin off impurities, exfoliates, tones it and papaya helps your skin rejuvenate and fight with many skin issues.

  • Egg face mask: Moisturizes your skinEgg face mask

 Ingredients: 1 raw egg, 1 tablespoon of honey, 1 tablespoon of sour cream. Mix all, apply over face and neck. Keep it for 20 minutes and rinse off. Egg proteins help lubricate your skin, honey acts as a moisturizer and sour cream helps remove off dead skin cells and   impurities causing skin infections.

  • Lemon cleanser: Refreshes your skinLemon cleanser

Ingredients: 1/8 cup ground almonds, 2 tbs milk or cream, 1 tsp lemon juice. Mix well the ingredients, apply on face and neck and wash off. Lemon contains AHA’S (alpha hydroxyl acids) helpful in cleansing, toning and exfoliating the skin. Milk helps slough off dead skin cells and almond has a nourishing effect.

  • Strawberry mask: Rejuvenates your skinStrawberry mask

Ingredients: 1/2 cup fresh strawberries, 1 tablespoon fresh milk, 1 tablespoon rice flour or cornstarch. Mix well all the ingredients and apply on face and neck. Keep it for half an hour and then wash off.  Strawberries, which are also known to contain anti-oxidants and anti-ageing agents, removes dead skin cells to reveal underlying soft, bright skin.

  • Neem and turmeric face mask: Clarifies your skinNeem and turmeric face mask

Ingredients: Neem powder 1tbs, Turmeric powder 1tbs, Sour milk 3tbs, Fullers earth 1tbs. Mix well the ingredients and apply on face and neck. Keep it for half an hour and wash off. It removes excess oil, opens clogged pores, removes pimples and checks their recurrence. It imparts a healthy glow to the skin by improving its texture.

So now since you have so much to do for your skin, don’t waste time and brace yourself for the harsh summer fight. Good luck!


Steal the beauty secrets from your kitchen

How smart you are at home does not depend only your smartness in kitchen but it also depends upon your creativity. How much you know about the natural beauty secrets those start in your kitchen? There are some good food and recipes around you those are good enough for flawless skin. You have to just identify them and make a use of them. A few of them are

1 Lemon Facial ScrubLemon Facial Scrub

This is an awesome treatment for oily skin; this fragrant recipe will wake up a dull complexion with the help of powdered milk to a fresh kick.


2 Grape Anti-Wrinkle Cleanser

Grape Anti-Wrinkle Cleanser

This is full of vitamins and a great exfoliator for your skin. The alpha hydroxyl- acid of this citrus fruit helps to reduce the aging signs and regular use of the same can be helpful to have a gorgeous look.

3 Lemon Dandruff Treatments

Lemon Dandruff Treatments

This is one of the treatments those are known to most of the ladies around the world .Lemon is biggest enemy of the Dandruff and it is more effective when it is mixed with some olive oil.

4 Homemade Body Soap:

Homemade Body Soap

The beauty bath soap at home can be made with the help of some sugar, coloring agents and some vegetable oils. Some amount of scent can be added to it to make it fragrant.